Photo Studio

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A relaxed, happy and creative environment

KinkyWork's photo studios can be booked by members and non-members. We welcome hobbyists just as much as we like to work with professional photographers. The stunning industrial loft is suitable for all kinds of shoots. If you want to try some kinky pictures, we can supply props and suggest ideas. Feel free to use the kitchen and lounge area.


The photo studio has about 45 m2, a ceiling height of 350 cm to 475 cm and daylight through huge loft windows that cast beautiful shadows. The room can be blacked out.

The ceiling has attachment points if you want to let your models fly.

Separate room with shower and makeup mirror.

Heating is more than adequate to ensure that your models will not feel cold in the wintertime. (Yes, that sometimes is a problem in some other loft studios.)

Included in the price of your rental

1x walimex pro VE-400 Excellence studio flash   
2x walimex pro VE-300 Excellence studio flash
1x walimex pro wireless trigger

1x walimex pro rectangular softbox 60 cm x 90 cm
1x walimex pro octagon softbox 60 cm
1x walimex pro striplight 30 cm x 120 cm
1x beauty dish 50 cm with diffusor

1x umbrella 84 cm silver
1x umbrella 84 cm gold
1x reflector set 107 cm gold, silver, white

1x color filters blue, red, yellow, green
1x honeycomb set

4x light stands 260 cm

dark stone background (yes, it's fake, but looks good in pictures)
dark metal background (fake as well, good contrast to skin tones)
3 m x 6 m black or white cloth backgrounds

white table for product photography, 100 cm x 200 cm, up to 15 kg


50/2 hours

15/add. hour

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optional charges

The DIRECTOR'S DESK meeting room can be used as a prep room for 10 € per hour. The room is convenient if you work with a stylist or multiple models.

We have black, white and green paper backgrounds (272 cm width) for 10 euro per meter.

Review your pictures on a fancy TV (165 cm!) with HDMI input for 5 € per hour. The TV is on a movable stand.

Need a larger space?

The open space (135 m2) is suitable for larger photo or video productions.

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