Where is KinkyWork?

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KinkyWork is located in Marzahn. We love creative spaces off the beaten track:


15 minutes from Alexanderplatz

That is according to Google Maps. Seems doable, let’s try! We got on Paula’s scooter, started at Rosenthaler Platz and, 16 minutes later, arrived at KinkyWork’s loft.

If you arrive by car, there is ample free parking right in front of our door.

If you prefer public transport, the S-Bahn is 3 minutes away and the tram about 5 minutes.

Nice buildings

KinkyWork is a 700 m² warehouse loft in a brick factory building. Fresh and fancy: It has been converted for coworking and studio use at the beginning of 2018. We believe that creative work is more fun when you have up to 5 meters of ceiling height, twice as much space per desk as typical, one large loft instead of small offices, 215 windows and sunlight from three sides. Due to its architectural value, the building and some neighboring buildings have been placed under monument protection – this is not a boring Plattenbau. We share the building with DSM, which is a distillery of fine spirits.

Our coworking space is in a stunning 700 m2 loft on the first floor of house 10

Our coworking space is in a stunning 700 m2 loft on the first floor of house 10

Industrial Village

Some people believe that Marzahn is scary. Not sure about this, but when you work at KinkyWork, you will not get the full Marzahn experience anyway. We are on the other side of the S-Bahn tracks in an industrial village that used to be part of Knorr Bremse. The area is transitioning from industrial use to a mix of apartments, student dorms and modern business.

The former gas station, one of KinkyWork's neighbors

The former gas station, one of KinkyWork's neighbors


3 minutes from the S-Bahn

From S-Bahn Marzahn, take the bridge at the end of the platform, turn right, walk 3 minutes. Do not take the other bridge towards the eastgate shopping center in the middle of the platform.

5 minutes from the tram

From the tram station "Georg-Knorr-Gewerbepark" walk towards the roundabout, turn left and you will see KinkyWork's building. It takes about 5 minutes.

Arrive by car

When driving along Landsberger Allee, take the exit on the left side (yes, really) towards Georg-Knorr-Gewerbepark. When using Google Maps for directions, enter "KinkyWork" as your destination. It will direct you to our front door.