how to choose a photo studio

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Berlin has many nice photo studios for both hobbyists and professional photographers. KinkyWork is one of them. Here are some questions to find a rental studio that you will like:

1. Happy, relaxed and inspired?

Try to find a studio that makes you and your models feel happy, relaxed and inspired. You will get much better photos than in a stressful environment. At KinkyWork, it is easy to enjoy your shoot.

On the other hand, do not worry too much about whether the studio has the technical capabilities for your shoot. Unless you are planning something very specific and elaborate, KinkyWork and most other studios will be ok. As an analogy, when you want to drive from A to B, any reasonable car will be sufficient, regardless of the manufacturer. Some cars (and some photo studios) are a lot nicer than others, though.

KinkyWork can be used to stage most common shoots, e.g. people, business portrait, maternity, candid, food, fashion, nudes. Whether you are a hobbyist who is starting to experiment with studio photography, an enthusiast who takes photos for fun or a professional photographer who needs to produce media assets consistently and efficiently, we will be happy to host you.

2. Space?

KinkyWork is a converted warehouse loft with 700 m² total space, combining photo studios, art, workshop spaces and professional infrastructure. There are two photo studios (45 m² and 150 m²) and lots of backgrounds, e.g. stone, metal, white and studio green. You can use daylight through loft windows that span the entire length of the studio or block out the sun.

Feel free to enjoy our beautiful kitchen and lounge area, 215 loft windows and sunlight from three sides – because no one likes to stay in a darkened studio all day long.

3. Styling?

Use KinkyWork's shower and makeup room! You can add another room (29 m²) for styling and preparation, which is useful when you are working with a stylist and multiple models.

4. Lighting Equipment?

Included in the studio rental price.

5. Kinky pictures?

KinkyWork is suitable for all kinds of pictures, kinky or not. If you want to shoot nude pictures, you will have privacy and can try out different setups without anyone being nosy about it. If you ask, we will be happy to supply props and suggest ideas.

Many photo studios will rent out handcuffs or chains for nude pictures. At KinkyWork, you can shoot using cages, try interesting furniture or use suspension points.

6. Location?

It takes 15 mins to reach KinkyWork from Alexanderplatz, both according to Google Maps and in real life. Our location in Marzahn's industrial village sure sounds like, well, "Marzahn", but it is actually very convenient to reach.

If you arrive by car, there is ample free parking. The S-Bahn is just across the street from KinkyWork.

7. Price?

50 € for the first two hours (minimum rental), 15 € per additional hour. KinkyWork provides really good value.

8. What are you waiting for?