How to choose a meeting room

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Berlin has many nice meeting rooms to choose from. KinkyWork has four of them. Some questions to choose a location that your attendees will like:

1. Travel times and parking?

First, the obvious: The location of your meeting must be convenient for your guests. You may want to check

  • travel time by car from e.g. Alexanderplatz on Google Maps,
  • distance to public transport and
  • whether there is ample free parking nearby.

KinkyWork is 15 minutes from Alexanderplatz, just across the road from an S-Bahn station and has sufficient free parking spaces right in front of the door.

2. Happy, inspired and impressive?

For a meeting to be successful, you need a space that is reliable and efficient but that also feels nice and inspiring. KinkyWork is a 700 m² loft space in a stunning brick factory building with a ceiling height of 5 meters, combining a photo studio, art, workshop spaces and professional infrastructure.

Feel free to enjoy our beautiful kitchen and lounge area, 215 loft windows and sunlight from three sides – because no one likes to stay in a meeting room all day long, however nice that meeting room is.

3. Size?

KinkyWork has spaces for 2 to 50 attendees that are neither too large nor to small:

  • Room "Director’s Desk": 29 m² for up to 8 persons, ideal for smaller meetings, interviews, coaching or therapy sessions
  • Room "Green Grass": 43 m² for up to 12 persons, ideal for team meetings, offsites, workgroups or trainings
  • Room "Open Space": 135 m² for up to 50 persons, ideal for workshops, talks, presentations, pitches

If you are looking for something special, we will be happy to host your meeting in our photo studio (43 m²).

4. Professional Service?

A friendly smile and efficient service may do more for the success of your meeting than the most expensive board room desk. KinkyWork's front desk is staffed with the nicest and most diligent people we can imagine. Our staff will make a great first impression by greeting your guests, seating them in the meeting room and making sure that they can relax and focus on the meeting.

5. Catering?

Hot and cold drinks as well as snacks are available. You decide whether you prefer everyone to pay for themselves or whether you want a flat fee per participant that covers all drinks and snacks.

Comprehensive catering can be organized by you or by KinkyWork. A reliable catering company that is familiar with our space has its kitchen right across the street.

6. Infrastructure?

Projector, a huge TV screen and professional Unifi WLAN are available. KinkyWork has its own fiber internet connection. Let us know if you need any specific adapters or connections for e.g. a presentation.

Director’s desk has two whiteboards. If you prefer a flipchart, you will get one.

The open space has a sound system with a mixer, a microphone and the ability to connect your laptop.

We are here to assist with the setup and will gladly help if you encounter any issues, which is unlikely.

7. Flexible?

Some offices have rather rigid timeslots. At KinkyWork, you book exactly the hours that you need. Furniture can be rearranged or even removed from the room, according to the needs of your meeting. When you arrive, the room will have been prepared for you and you can start right away.

Your time and the time of your meeting attendees is valuable. KinkyWork is a good place to conduct efficient meetings.

8. Price?

Meetings start at 10 € per hour. Yes, KinkyWork really is cost-efficient without compromising on quality.

9. Easy to book?