What is Kinky Coworking?


I am Paula, the founder of KinkyWork and yes, it’s me in the pictures. Here are some questions that I get asked quite frequently:

What does kinky mean?

Kinky people are doing something special, in bed, in business or in their artistic endeavors. If you are looking for bland, boring coworkers, look elsewhere.

What is kinky coworking?

Creative people working next to each other, inspiring each other, having fun while being super productive. Whether or not your work involves adult topics, you are welcome. KinkyWork provides space, professional infrastructure from desks to studios and lots of opportunities to connect.

Why does Berlin need a kinky coworking space?

I used to work in a regular office before founding KinkyWork. Anything related to someone's body would have been totally inappropriate. There was no one to discuss pink vibrators over lunch, show off rope marks or laugh about the funny situation that happened during yesterday’s NSFW shoot.

Who works at KinkyWork?

Software developers, designers, marketing people, translators, photographers, ecommerce specialists, ...

We strive for an interesting mix of people. If someone works in the adult industry, that's fine. Most coworkers simply like the creative atmosphere and are not afraid to see a large spectrum of lifestyles. 

Do not worry whether you are "kinky enough". Many fascinating people that I have met do not fulfil kinky stereotypes at all. Take a tour, see if you like the atmosphere. You will not meet seedy individuals at the margins of society, but focused, hard-working professionals.

How about meetings with business partners?

When you are at KinkyWork, you have access to infrastructure that far exceeds the average office that a small team might otherwise rent. Clients will be impressed. Most will appreciate the Berlin vibe and the design of the space. Some might even envy you because their office is much more boring in comparison.

I have never been to Marzahn. Is it scary over there?

No. Marzahn is not scary, but you will not get the full Marzahn experience anyway. We are on the other side of the S-Bahn tracks in a traditional brick loft industrial village that used to be part of Knorr Bremse. Due to its architectural value, the building itself is under monument protection.

Any other questions?

Feel free to write me a message: paula@kinkywork.de

Or, even better, visit the space and see it yourself.

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