coworking spaces for freelancers

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Berlin has many nice coworking spaces for freelancers. KinkyWork is one of them. Choose a space that you will like!

1. natural sunlight?

At KinkyWork, your desk will be in a room with 215 (!) windows on three sides. Enjoy lots of natural sunlight!

For comparison, there is at least one coworking space in Berlin that rents desks in windowless rooms.

2. service?

KinkyWork's front desk is staffed 8 hours per day with the nicest and most diligent people we can imagine. Need someone to scan your paper mail and forward it to you while you are on vacation? We will reliably take care of that. Expecting guests, e.g. for a client meeting? Our front desk will make a great first impression by greeting your guests, seating them in a meeting room and notifying you.

Traditional coworking spaces may refill the printer paper from time to time, but very few will take office service for individual members seriously.

3. atmosphere?

KinkyWork is unique because of its kinky, yet professional atmosphere. Our members like to work hard and to get stuff done. Your desk will be in a converted warehouse loft with a ceiling height of 5 meters. The workspace has been designed with the kinky attitude that has originated in Berlin's clubs. Being successful does not mean being boring!

4. commute?

It takes 15 mins to reach KinkyWork from Alexanderplatz, both according to Google Maps and in our own experience. Our location in Marzahn's industrial village sure sounds like, well, "Marzahn", but it is actually convenient to reach.

The S-Bahn is just across the street from KinkyWork and there is ample free parking if you like to arrive in your own car.

5. healthy lifestyle?

Go for a run and then use KinkyWork's shower afterwards. If you want to stay indoors, there are wall bars, several sets of gym rings and you are welcome to attend a yoga or even an aerial yoga workshop. You will be able to choose between several ergonomic chairs, e.g. the "Net Motion" chair (Testsieger Stiftung Warentest 02/2017).

6. Space per desk?

There are more than 12 m² per seat at KinkyWork. Other coworking spaces squash almost twice as many members into the same space, typically giving you just 5 m² to 8 m² per seat. If you are a creative worker, that is going to make a huge difference to your perception of personal space and to your productivity.

7. Meeting rooms?

KinkyWork has meeting rooms with capacities from 6 to 50 people. You can use them to meet clients or to have a private conversation. We make sure that they are in a good condition prior to every single booking.

8. Price?

You can get a fixed desk, i.e. one that is will be used exclusively by you, for 150 € at KinkyWork. 24/7 access and mailing address are included. Usual prices for these desks in Berlin range from about 150 € to 300 €. KinkyWork provides really good value.

9. What are you waiting for?