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rope artists international

  • Holzmarkt / Säälchen Holzmarktstraße 25 10243 Berlin (map)

The art of rope bondage, interpreted by some of the most innovative performers in the international scene!

Here you find some of the most innovative performers from the international scene together on stage, to revive the presence of rope on stage. There will be new concepts and interpretation of rope for you. Join this unique experience and discover unknown possibilities!
During the Performances we also offer a Jam where you have play possibilities for your ropescenes. The Event is happening at the same time like: EURIX No12 (sold out) is held so you also have the chance to meet ropepeople from all around the world at those evenings and at the Jam!

15€ Performance & Jam / per evening at the door

There is no dresscode for the event, but we love if you dress-up for this special evening!

You never heard of Bondage or Shibari? What can you expect?
The art of tying is imprinted by the personal style of the active person, often called rigger. It is mainly their intention of the tie that eventually defines the style. Tying for aesthetical reasons such as for photos, videos, shows or performances will look different than tying for restricting reasons. Some might look more for the emotional and intimate moment to share between two people, while others like the restricting and captivating sense of rope, which comes to action in BDSM or other play settings.
However all situations and meanings have in common, that you will see rope as tool to transport their story to the audience. This evening the performance aspect is in the foreground!

Picture: Human Chuo, photographed by Shantel Liao, Ropes by Boris Mosafir

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rope artists international