The Flamingo Collective

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The Flamingo Collective is founded and running by two charming extraordinary ladies: Scarlett & Dunja are experts for Hula Hooping and other performing arts (burlesque, comedy, artistry).


Hula Hoop at highest level, they are teaching beginner and advanced classes. And love to organise hoop workshops and jams. In super creative performances they combine arts: moving - music - lighting.

You get:

Fun fun fun, Motion, swings, crossover music - lights - hoops.



In different locations in Berlin. Since they have always specials see event schedule for the places, sometimes indoor, sometimes outdoor.

KW highly recommend:

You like moves, you like material, you like being surrounded by other active hoopers, learning tricks and flows, testing borders, train new moves or synchron action. Motivated by two nice talented and always go with you teachers. You should try Hooping! Jump in, improve in small steps and feel happy. At your way home with a smile in your face and feel the ongoing twist in your waist.




workshops: Each week we focus on a trick or theme to train. Don't worry if you've never hooped before. We will set the foundations with a sequence of stretches that will help you on your way for a happy hooping practice!

If you don't have a hoop yet or coming straight from work fear not! We provide hoops.
Jams: just jump in, jam together, play with the lights and music. Time will fly..

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Unique Points:

The growing hotspot for all hoopers and friends, a regular weekly offer. Train together or just have a look to the lightness of hoops.

And always remind: do the moves in both directions, spinning to the right and spinning to the left as well - balance your chocolate side.


Visit the jam and get a feeling.
And we are looking forward to hosting a special edition of Berlin Flamingo Hoop at our spacious space.
Welcome Scarlett, Dunja & the collective!