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They gave me an address in Kreuzberg; we met in Mano Cafe on Skalitzer Straße. A really intimate and chilled location, a recommendation for your Sunday evening and our talk was about ‘yesterday, today and tomorrow’. Our first contact was at one of these weekly open groups in Berlin and what they told me there was so special that I wanted to find out more about them both. Today we start directly with my questions:

What are your names?  

We’re Kathya and Pieter.

Where are you from?  

Pieter: I’m from Dunkirk in the North of France and Kathya is from Bangalore in Southern India.

How long have you been in Berlin?  

P: We’ve been in Berlin for about 2 years. Before we lived in Kiel - that’s where we met.

What was your reason for moving to Berlin?

P: After I finished my work contract in Kiel I wanted to take a break and change my horizon…   K: And I wanted to move to a more dynamic city! So Berlin came naturally - we moved here to make our way into a better future.

What did you expect and did Berlin fulfil that expectation?

K: Berlin is even better than in my dreams. There is still so much of Berlin I have yet to discover and experience!

P: I didn't really expect anything yet I'm so glad I moved here! Berlin is pushing your limits, especially the sexual ones and it is a great thing!

What do you like the most about Berlin?

K: The culture and the people! P: The freedom. The way you can enter your own bubble, dive in it, be in a kind of trance… In Berlin you can escape the world as you've previously known it!

What's the best tip you can give to someone about Berlin?

K: Show some love! P: And don’t be shy!

Which stigmas about Berliners do you think are true?

K: Why would there be stigmas about Berliners?!

What did you study?

P: I’ve studied oceanography at university and then worked as a researcher for some times.

K: I went to the school of life!

What is your business, what do you do?  

P: We started a fashion brand called Berliner Sex Wrestlers (BSW). We’re techno-kink!

K: The idea is to make clothes that are convenient for dancing and other kinds of body movements that require flexibility. They're colorful, kinky and handmade by us in Berlin. As we say “Bunt / Black / Berlin”!

P: We want to participate in Berlin’s kinky vibes, in the future we’re planning on organizing events as well! Would you like some sexy wrestling?

What do you like the most about your work?

K: The freedom to be creative and call my own shots. #girlboss

P: Same thing. I wanted to have the experience of being an entrepreneur and I do really like the freedom of deciding for myself. And also designing clothes, sewing… is really fun. I like that feeling of creating something with your hands, it’s a change for me!

What influenced you more, your biggest fuckup or success?

K: It's always a mix of both. Fuck ups are opportunities to learn and successes are very motivating.

Do you have a good advice to give to KinkyWork?

P: It will be awesome to have a "noisy" room in the coworking place so that I can bring my sewing machine and work with you! ;)

What do you think is the best way to communicate with people?

K: With all your senses. ;) For me, it's about understanding people as a whole so a personal meeting where you also communicate with body language is the best.

P: With trust. You have more to earn by trusting people in general than by being wary. When you look at the way nature works, the big picture, then you see that there’s much more collaboration than competition. Seeing others, as partners to achieve a bigger picture will make you more successful.

What do you appreciate in other people?

P: I like having friends from various backgrounds, it's always nice to meet people who challenge your views and I'm generally quite curious about trying new things...

K: I appreciate people who have an open heart/mind as well as a sense of humour. Everything is better with love and laughter.

What are you most proud of?

K: Making our idea something real! Starting from complete scratch, designing our models, making our own prints, and sewing them. But mostly seeing people happy to wear our clothes!

Is there a person or a thing that you can’t live without?

P: French cheese! What else?

If you would have 25 hours in a day, what will you do?

P: I’ll probably sleep one more hour per night! K: Read more.

What would you like your last word to be?

P: "are you ready?" ... "yes" ... /mind uploading in process…

Thanks for all these insights! ..and I fell in love with their accents.

They have created a very special fashion line. Hot! Hotter! Dance fever! BSW!

From the beginning to the end it’s a long way; self designed, tested, developed. Their own high standard is sporty, airy and sexy. Lively pattern, a special fabric. The files for every single design are sent to England, printed on the material, after one week Pieter gets his package and starts the next steps. Not only is the print unique but also his handmade procedure. I feel the quality and perfect workmanship are highly important for Pieter. Every part is full of love and has small but clever details e.g. zippers, pockets for your small necessities at the club night. Hands free - feel free - love free.

Where will you find these items? First, swing over to their funky website. Or meet them at one of Berlin’s nightclubs, you’ll find more on social media. Ask them in person, the best way!

Up to this point it all seems easy, but actually it’s not. It was a brave decision to change life completely, to move and start in a big city and invest all your energy every day in your project. Pieter calls this situation modesty ‘to be an entrepreneur’ (wiki: An entrepreneur is someone who designs, launches, and runs a new business.) They both know all this is only possible together, supporting each other mutually.

Sit back and rest on what they had achieved? Not an option! We talk longer about the future, I love their optimism, coming ideas for fashion, their planned collaborative networks with artists and local businesses, connecting designers, styles, materials and distribution channels. Also they’re thinking about starting in a second field with events. Have you any idea what BSW stands for? Berlin Sex Wrestler! Exactly what’s going on in your mind!

Coworking is a future direction, renting a desk and actively using the whole package and the advantages of networking, marketing, sharing a studio, space and tools. We are happy to share our lifestyle and support each other on the way.


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