Mural 'Bound' Anne Bengard


I’m so impressed and it is a luxury to pass it every day and take a look at this stunning artwork on our wall! When I asked Anne if she would have a look around our brand new space and concept, I didn’t know what would happen.

I didn’t expect this. And I didn’t expect such a short time from our first messages to the finished piece.Very professional indeed!

While all the time also posting Insta stories.
To get all this done, Anne is her best and own manager!

Don’t miss the timelaps

In progress

180707 Mural MyKink.jpg

The best way to explain her artwork is by quoting her own thoughts!
Quote of Anne’s summary after 30 hours hard work:
..."This new coworking space has a simple concept...kink friendly...i.e a professional work space which welcomes people with any kinks you may it worshipping feet to cross dressing or BDSM. I’ve felt very comfortable in the kink community since my late teens, simply for the open minded and respectful attitudes with emphasis on the importance of consent. But still, openly speaking about this kind of thing often comes with unjust discrimination and prejudice.

With this piece I wanted to steer away from any heavy sexualisation often associated with rope bondage and, while still acknowledging its erotic appeal, shift the focus onto the sensual experience of being bound;

 Shibari is a beautiful art form...The careful arrangement of knots and rope forming geometric patterns against the natural curves of the human body, the coarseness of the rope against smooth skin and the raw marks left behind.

 The strength in enduring the discomfort and trance like state of mind it puts you in which is similar to the ‘runner’s high’ experienced by athletes. But also the strength it takes to give trust to the rigger and to willingly put yourself in a vulnerable position knowing that the rigger has your safety and well-being at heart. It’s a beautiful thing. It’s a beautiful feeling.

 Thank you to @kinkywork for your trust in my vision and the creative freedom in this commission

 Thank you to @das.fraeulein.fuchs for being my muse and @superfly_1.3 for your beautiful rope work and spirit 💙

#shibari #ropebondage #shibariart#bondageart #muralart #newcontemporaryart #hyperrealism"...


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