Florian Herzberg


This interview date took me to Kreuzberg, the first meeting in our blog-series in a smokers pub.
On Dresdner Straße there is one bar after the other, Florian’s choice for us is the ‘Trödler’. Surrounded by the dark wooden interior and going along with a wild mixture of red wine and mint tea we started our talk.
We skipped the part in Austria nearly completely, much more interesting for me is the life of a musician and DJ in Berlin. The here and now.

Not talking about music is not possible with a man who produces music and soundtracks. We figure out: our first common style were the hard beats of White Zombie in the 90s.

Not talking with a DJ about locations is not possible, we figure out: our common favourite place is the Solar A spot for the whole spectrum of human beings. The most beautiful dates, for business, for decisions, for switching off your antennas, for crisis management. And all this could mean relationship or business. And for Florian it means DJ settings as well, an experience he will never forget.

I’m impressed by his qualities, being so serious in a lovely way, doing things and doing them with care. A really pleasant chat. and one more thing, he likes to do things 100% or not at all.
An example - he is the only one who answered all my questions. We awarded the ‘busy bee prize’ to him. Who of you didn’t collect bees in the first year in school? Proud like the one with the most Matchbox-cars in the group? Now, on stage, in person:


What is your name?

Florian Herzberg

Where are you from?

From Vienna, Austria.

How long have you been in Berlin?

Since 8 Years.

What was your reason for moving to Berlin?  

Music, and running away from an unfulfilled love  ;)

What is your business, what do you do?

I am a musician, booker and event organiser.

What do you like the most about your work?

My work is my passion. Travelling and meeting new people, all the time.

What did you expect and did Berlin fulfil that expectation?

Berlin is my place to be! I expected multicultural exchanges and the best parties in the world. If you give something to Berlin, you get something back, always!

What is the ugliest building in Berlin?

Bierpinsel in Steglitz

What do you like the most about Berlin?

Berlin never sleeps. There are topics for everyone, doesn’t matter if its music, food, kinky clubs or exhibitions. I improved my english skills a lot here, cause 90% of my friends coming from around the globe. That also means I have a place to stay when I am travelling.

What's the best tip you can give to someone about Berlin?

If somebody is new to the city: 1. „Topographie des Terrors“ for historical background of the 2nd World War, 2. Solar Bar for the best view in the city 3. Kit Kat Club ;)

Which stigmas about Berliners you think are true?

It’s a dirty city, specially if you compare it to other german or European cities. That’s something I really don’t like. People just throw their „sh..“ on the streets.

If you meet someone really interesting for you, what is the way to meet him/her in private?

Mmmhmm I guess that depends on the character. I like honesty and not talking about the weather :)

What was the longest way you took go for a date? Was it worth it?

I think that was meeting the first Dominatrix in my life :) The step to live my fantasies took me decades. When I finally left my save playground everything went quick. Nowadays I prefer it fast and spontaneous, „Carpe Diem!“

What did you study? What are you doing today?

I studied drums and sound engineering in Vienna. Today I am self employed as a musician and event manager. I co-organise Friendly Pervs in Berlin.

What influenced you more, your biggest fuckup or success?

Definetely „fuckup“. I worked with a talented band when I started my music studio. I produced their album for almost one year. It was hard work for no money. I believed in the band and that the album will help me getting forward with my studio. At the end they decided to stop the production cause they changed their musical direction. I learned that you should always have a Plan B and relying just on me.

What do you think is the best way to communicate with people?

Good manners!, again good manners and being honestly.

Which invention impressed you so far?

Atomic Bomb, sure in a negative way.

And if you could invent something new what would you invent?

If I would knew I would not tell you ;)

Do you have a good advice to give to KinkyWork?

Stay calm, or at least try to ;)

What do you appreciate in other people?

Generosity, flexibility, punctuality!

What are you most proud of?

My Secret Session

What is your dream?

A World Tour with my band. My own Boeing 747 :D

What does people don't know about you and they should?

I am fuckin impatient

What would you change about yourself?

Not being impatient.     Is this the last question????

Which skill would you like to have, that you don’t have now?

Playing  Guitar

What will you never learn?

Everything that has to do with Math :D

Is there a person or a thing that you can’t live without?

My girlfriend and cheese

Do you tell yourself that you are great or awesome?

Sometimes :), mainly after a good event.

Are you afraid of something?


Describe one situation, that was just too much for you.

When my wife broke up with me 10 years ago.

Is there any “human behavior”  that you will never understand?


If you would have 25 hours in a day,  what will you do?

Finding out why a day has suddenly 25 hours.

If you could read your future in a book,  Would you read it until ‘The End’?


What is the most overrated word or thing for you?


What would like your last word to be?



Phew, a lot of hard stuff between the lines. Lots of personal insights, lots of urban feeling vs. social criticism. But I want to go deeper into my imagination, think about musicians. What is the standard picture of them?
Not getting up before lunchtime, playing some riffs in the sound studio, being celebrated on stages and transforming riches into cool drinks served by beautiful women at a pool.

Negative! - the everyday business looks different. It is being disciplined, it’s not a normal 9-to-5-job and as a footnote - riches don’t come automatically. Musicians have increasing competition. You have to write more and more correspondence for one piece of feedback. You have to be a master in sales and project management. Every day. And then, of course You need a lot of time for composing, training, finding musicians, finding locations, negotiating contracts, accounts. And don’t forget all the public relations, face-to-face, social media, pictures, videos, sound - all before you are in front of the swinging audience!

We go on discussing from one topic to the next. About the senselessness of waste on the streets? About the future of clubs and why it is so easy to consume drugs there?
What is the right use of social media, what is an authentic story and what simply gets on your nerves?
How many switches between styles are necessary for creativity and how many changes can you show to your audience?

This was a intense chat, before this I didn’t know that musicians have to speak so much all the time!
Do you think musical entertainment is as exciting as I do?
Do you need a DJ for your event? We recommend Florian, have a look here:


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