Fabifa Tape Art at KinkyWork

We are so proud!
Because we have a permanent artwork on our big wall next to the photo studio!

Fabifa has created for us a great portrait in her unique tape art style.
Before she started taping we had a date at our KinkyWork Loft, took a tour and talked about the concept, people, art, limits - or better no limits.

She choose the wall directly left of the swing - because it is very impressive and you can see it from the left, from the front or swing around to the right - and the colours are changing!
In the morning sunlight you’ll have a friendly observer and over the day her view upon you changes. With the warm afternoon sun it looks more lovely and soft than by night with the artificial lighting on it.

It was amazing - watching the progress; the materials, her way of up and down, tape and erase, focus and review - right now you can see the finished work of three days!


Thank you, Fabifa!
It was a relaxed time together and it was really worth believing in the final outcome. We are so lucky to have you here - on the wall!

We wish you more and more inspiration; your style makes the world more colourful and brings people together.



For everybody interested - we especially recommend seeing it in the flesh.
Always, when Fabifa shows new tape art in Berlin we’ll put a link into our calendar, promise.
(next chance: tape art convention http://www.tapeartconvention.com/portfolio-items/fabifa)

Last but not least, here’s where you find her online. She is very active on social media. Follow her and get her latest stories. Every week new cities, new collaborations, new art...





Live in Berlin
Tape Art convention Berlin 2018
“About the artist”: Fabifa has been practicing painting and illustration for her whole life. She was born in Belarus with the name Losikava Valeryia. She moved to Berlin years ago, willing to master new art techniques and to experience an alternative scene. She recently discovered Tape Art and developed a keen interest in this new support. She now regularly participates in festivals and exhibitions and presents her tape performances all around Europe. Her main goal is to open up the potential of adhesive tape as a means to deliver modern concepts in art. Exploring human sensuality Fabifa wants to increase influence on art amateurs using new materials, making pictures for instance with latex and metal. She keeps experimenting with materials and shapes using metal in her installations.

Book a Street Artist  https://www.bookastreetartist.com/fabifa

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