Picture: Anette Daugardt

Picture: Anette Daugardt

With what or where should I start?…. as I’m more than happy to know a man who is a real optimist, one with a big heart and loves to share everything, Dr. Diva!

I have so much respect because of his presence, his fine language, his art of getting to the point. That’s why I’d like to start immediately with my warm-up Q&A

What is your name?

Dr Diva

Where are you from?

Vienna / Austria, resident Berliner and planet earth

What was your reason for moving to Berlin?

The kinky night life and the rough and genuine people I met there, whose open mindedness and – yes! - tenderness kicked me gently in my heart.

What is your business, what do you do?  

I am an actor/director/host of kinky parties/presenter of workshops, which open minds, hearts and pants

What do you like the most about your work?  

The love that I am spreading, when I see it in the faces of my audience and guests

What did you expect and did Berlin fulfill that expectation?

An exciting, colourful, free, sexy, divers life. It was more than fulfilled, because I unexpectedly met the love of my life at a place where you would least expect it.

What influenced you more, your biggest fuckup or success.

All my little or bigger fuck ups actually led me in a new direction, which brought amazing new things and people into my life and enhanced my development very much. But then again I don't know what would have happened if they would have been successes. Generally the fuck ups made a bigger foot print in my life, I guess.

What do you appreciate in other people?

Humour, curiosity, courage, vulnerability, simple wisdom, warm heart and hot ass

What are you most proud of?

Probably the diversity in my life and how well I handle all its different and amazing parts

Which skill would you like to have, that you don’t have now?


Are you afraid of anything?

Yes! But I am afraid to tell you.

Is there any “human behavior” that you will never understand?

Racism, homophobia, the eagerness to pile up goods and money and much more. Well, some of it I understand intellectually, but still don't get it, because it makes everybody unhappy and fucks up the world.

If you could read your future in a book, Would you read it until ‘The End’?

No way.

What would you like your last word to be?

No talking, but the touch of the hearts of my beloved ones. I see myself smiling, before I close my eyes and my wild little heart takes a rest forever.

 Picture: Anna Linse

Picture: Anna Linse

No! We have not arrived at the last word at all! Now I’d like to introduce you in more detail to what he is doing!

In Berlin he is already famous like the "bunter Hund". Since he has been living in the city, he has been active in theater, in fields connecting performances, workshops and parties for special people. Each of these is as hard as cobbles! But behind the glittering world and spotlights stands a man with fine antennas, he has a keen sense for words, for gestures, for moods.

Without these exceptional skills he couldn’t do his workshops, small events for groups mainly. Lasting from one day up to one week, starting with talking, deeper and deeper immersion into fantasies, unlived fantasies, bodywork, experiencing what happens to us. If you open up and permit direct access to your feelings, you will be fascinated by what power is inside our words and our daily communication. Lots of potential. He works out a program, based on participants’ experiences, following stages. It is for people who want to learn and live their own needs - in an interaction with others. The interested community is growing in a city like Berlin.

If not here, where else should interests and demand meet? But how is it possible that a non-Berliner understands the city and all these nonconformists the best? The hard-won standing of Berlin means freedom, tolerance, where everyone does what they want. That reputation is like a powerful magnet, a centre of attraction. Yet behind the scenes there is a lot of friction - profiles, neuroses, egos, inflexibles, elites, followers... Interpersonal tensions are hard to endure. Perceiving conditions, transforming expressions and showing suggestions for real living it out - that is the task. And he is a great master, even in the most difficult of tasks!

More than 6 years ago in Berlin, a series of events got started organised in a more fancy, extravagant, inventive way, designed with imagination and unusual topics: vampires, angels, glamorous punk, zombie apocalypse, cabaret, kinky underground - each one is different, not a copy. In any case, they are made for special people, with strong affinity to BDSM, Kink and Fetish. List of ingredients: having sex, spanking, play, every kind of body and mind activity and your personal spice is the hot topping for a steamy night. The very first one “Opium” took place in the Delphi silent movie theater in April 2012, since then there’ve been more than 60 nights of top-class events with much effort and with a lot of attention to detail. Of course, this is not possible alone, Opium is a joint project with Fexa, the other face behind Opium.

 Picture: Kameramädchen

Picture: Kameramädchen

Dr. Diva - look out and you’ll find him, thankfully he works without too many ads in social media. It is a pleasant fact in our fast, speedy times, and it fits him. At the bottom of his being he is not totally crazy all the time, on the contrary he is so honest, he tells you what he is thinking and feeling, more connecting than polarizing, spontaneous in front of groups with his amiable nature.

But you should experience it yourself, in the workshop  “changing realities”, or being part of the next party. We will include all his activities in our calendar and link in social media!


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