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Insomnia. Berlin.

For some of us it is a  normal address for nightlife, for others is has a touch of thrill, nobody knows what to expect behind the massive door with a bell! Our parents want to protect us, but in women’s magazine it’s called an adventure for the weekend that you shouldn’t miss! A brave walk at the edge of reality, dipping into the fantasy!

For more than 10 years situated in an old ballroom directly in Alt-Tempelhof, so every taxi-driver knows it.

In Berlin it is an institution, but who is the face behind all this? One woman, as a founder - Dominique - and her team.
So much life, movement, energy, vibes, community, history and sometimes education (yes!) which only a few of her guests suspect when they step inside and walk the red carpet to special events. A mixture of polyamory and couples, vanillas and BDSM, one night stands and 24/7 relationships, young love and 80’s, dancing Tango or celebrate orgies - everybody finds their satisfaction.

The first reports in the local press were full of stereotypes, the tabloid newspapers like tapping into the red-light zone for their reports from the underground - they have an attraction like magnets.

But the reporting wouldn’t describe everything Dominique is involved in - it’s not only the club. I wish Berlin would give the honorary citizenship to her! You can read the story of her life here

Back to the club: its online design fits the nightclub appearance in black and red. but it is surprising with its clearly arranged and enjoyable articles, you’ll quickly find what you are looking for. It welcomes newbies warmly, gives you information about your first visit, styling, different parties, you see the team and for more activities there’s a closed community forum. The language is carefully worded in a modern style.

But it’s not enough just to run a club, the side project is a registered society HSC e.V. , with events, meetings, workshops, getaways and every year a stand at the Venus fair.

We’ve got some questions for this strong woman, our guide to the ways of living and experimental times, here she is:


What is your name?

Dominique Insomnia

Where are you from?

Born in Dresden, but I came 1977 to Berlin.

What is your business, what do you do?

I run the hedonistic nightclub Insomnia, I do PornArt Theatre with DoubleTroubleBerlin, I organize the Hedonistic Social Club and I do Sex / BDSM workshops & tutorials

What do you like the most about your work?

It is my mission in this life to help people find a relaxed relationship with their sexuality, to support them in their release from morally questionable messages that they have been inculcated during childhood and to provide them with a "sex laboratory" where they can relax and make new experiences.

What do you like the most about Berlin?

It is a place of freedom, creativity and structured chaos. Berlin is poor, but sexy!

What's the best tip you can give to someone about Berlin?

Explore the night culture, there a so many hidden places to discover, not even a local can name them all.

Which stigmas about Berliners do you think are true?

The “Berliner Schnauze” is true, this means that is was said hard, but has not such a hard meaning

What do you think is the best way to communicate with people?

Direct, honestly, straight and with a portion of appreciation & understanding

Which invention impressed you so far?

When I got my first mobile phone…it was early 90´s and it looked this way:


I was so proud to have a mobile, when I went into a café, this was the first thing on the table… in those days you have worn the mobile like a handbag!!

And if you could invent something new what would you invent?

I am fascinated by the Holodeck (Star Trek) … but finally we are on the way to realize this

Do you have a good advice to give to kinkywork?

I love the idea! You are another pioneer for a normal approach to the subject. Finally kinky people are same same like the “regular” ones, kinky work  works more or less according to the same principles.

What are you most proud of?

I am proud and thankful, that I can earn money and live from my crazy ideas

What is your dream? A dream without limits?

My dream is a world without war, religious delusion and hunger. A world where everybody has enough to live properly  - with freedom of mind, freedom of sexuality and  freedom of believe. I am very fascinated by the idea of the Venus Project from Jaques  Fesco.

What would you change about yourself?

Stop to get older – but this is impossible ☹

What will you never learn?

Modesty, restraint and abandonment ;-)

Are you afraid of something?

From moralists, religious fanatics and laws that restrict our freedom

Is there any “human behavior”  that you will never understand?

Challenges on social media and something  like lip sync hype by

If you would have 25 hours in a day, what will you do?

Hey, I need 36 hours per day… I would  realize all my ideas and not only some of them!

If you could read your future in a book, Would you read it until ‘The End’?

No – I love surprises!

What would like your last word to be?

In this interview? Keep up the good work and do not let it get you down! On my deathbed? That I experienced and did everything I wanted!

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Woah, all our questions are answered, thanks for providing some insights on you!

What have Dominique's enterprises and KinkyWork in common? Yes, we both want to give a space to all the brave, bold nonconformists, they decide on living their lifestyle. No apologies, no hiding. Come as you are. Some of them always, some of them from time to time. At the end of the day we all need both - to work and to celebrate. together with the like-minded, handled by professionals.

Our last word: worth reading: short posts for your way to work or simply inspiring is the multifaceted blog

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