Caterina Rancho Photography

We love them - the photographs of the Berlin based artist Caterina!

So much detail, surrealistic fantasies and perfect technique. Why are we happy to have five artworks in our space? Five stories about self-confident women. Aesthetic bodies plus a touch of play. Take time to discover the mix of staging and design.

 "Kaffeekränzchen"  next to the kitchen

"Kaffeekränzchen"  next to the kitchen

She creates different series with different styles and on top of this – all with different people..

Exhibitions in cool locations - I visited the one on the top floor of Bunker Hamburg.

She likes portraits and building special settings where she stages them, indoor and outdoor.
Once I had a shooting and it was amazing how professional and fast she worked.
All thanks to her sharp artistic view from behind the camera!

 "Rüsseltierchen" fits to our cozy lounge

"Rüsseltierchen" fits to our cozy lounge

You love surprises? Expressing yourself? And sometimes experiments?
No need to look further - in the end you’ll be thrilled to be in the picture!

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