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Cameryn! I saw her the first time in Berlin, there she was on a small stage and started a Smut Slam. This means 3 hours filled with special entertainment. Every night is themed and follows a procedure, according to the same rules, but it isn’t boring at all! Everything that happens is on the spur of the moment. The Slammers sign up on entrance and tell a 5 min real-life story about sex - at an open mic. In front of a responsive, emotionally moved audience. They are thrilled and sympathise together, active like nowhere else in the city.

At the end of this event I was sure that next time is a must in my calendar! And who the fuck is Cameryn? Why is she actually in Berlin? I took a look at her website “wow” it is like a magazine full of bedtime stories for adult fantasies. I wanted to know more, get in contact and met her for a coffee in an old school cozy coffee shop. Great talk, I like her honesty and very fast style.


What is your name?

Cameryn Moore

Where are you from?

Originally from the west coast in the US; most recently from Boston, via Montreal and the UK.

How long have you been in Berlin?

I’ve been here since Sept 2017, moved here because it was the best place for building up my Smut Slam network of storytelling shows while still being within easy flying distance of the UK, where my partner lives.

What did you expect and did Berlin fulfill that expectation?

I expected kink/sex-awareness to be just everywhere in Berlin, and ... it really isn’t!

What is the ugliest building in Berlin?

I find the whole Warschauer Str S-bahn station to be pretty damn unsightly, but it also is under construction, so maybe that’ll change. I think I also have a bias, because a station staff member was incredibly rude to me there my first night in Berlin, so maybe that’s coloring my vision.

Which job did you initially learn?

What are you doing today? Originally I was going to be a writer. I do write, a lot, but mostly I am writing for the stage now. I’m a playwright and performer and storyteller and encourager. When I’m not on stage, I am working on making authentic sharing feel more possible for people who aren’t performers.

What was more impressive, your biggest fuckup or success?

When I was director of a community theatre company, I was casting the shows from a group of people who I had also become friends with. I was so inexperienced with group dynamics then, and made promises I couldn’t keep, and tried a few ways of casting, but in the end no one was happy. I operate mostly solo now.

What are you most proud of?

Smut Slam.

Which skill would you like to have that you don’t have now? 

Sewing. The kinds of clothes I want to wear, they don’t make for fat girls.

What do you dream of, if there is no limit?

If you can’t fail - what will you go for or what you will do? Setting up a solid tour route for Smut Slam touring, one that entirely supports me in a financially comfortable way, and building a beautiful nest with my partner.

You will have one hour more per day, what will you do?

Sleep. Or work.

Are you afraid of anything?

I’m afraid of nuclear war. It’s something I thought we had left behind in the ‘80s, but apparently not.

How did you learn to be brave?

To do something you don’t like to do? I very much have a bulldozer personality, so I tend to just do the thing. I firmly believe that on the other side of fear is the potential for transformation.

What will you never ever learn?

How to file my own taxes. I used to be able to, but since I started performing and living in multiple countries, it’s just gotten too complicated now.

Is there any behavior from other people that you will never understand?

Unthinking cruelty.

What do you appreciate in other people?

Thoughtfulness, ambition, caring, imagination, and being good in conversation.

What is the most overrated word or thing for you?

Cold-brew coffee.


Cameryn is a real one-off, definitely. She has ants in her pants, always on tour, always ideas. She has been to 50 cities around the world, driven by spreading freedom of mind, be sexpositiv, be as you are.

Her signature format is the Smut Slam, but she has a wider repertoire, e.g. “Phone Whore”, her  award winning one woman show, a 60-minute performance and after this, there’s time for vibrant Q&A.

Have you heard about BedX already? It is Cameryn’s new series, it fits specially to our workspace and we are proud to host this from April 2018.

More Details you will find in an extra post and in our calendar.
Until that evening we warmly recommend you be part of the Smut Slam #6 at 19.03.2018

Or read for yourself some stories on her website. scroll down until the footer, there you’ll find ‘Other writing I do’ and ‘Sexploreum’

Meet Cameryn:

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