Berlin after dark

We love to tell you about a man in Berlin and his multi channel projects - but all of them are special for artists.

Every kind of genre; mainly urban arts, street art, music, photography, tape art, paintings, video, cross channel art, installations, young art and lots more.

Talks, Exhibitions, Vernissage & Finnisage, get together, education meetings, presentations..
..and the newest - a TV show: “Berlin after dark - Conversations With Creators”

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On website and facebook page you’ll find more about the show:

Berlin After Dark is a talk show focusing on the emerging cultural scene in Berlin and surroundings. With new episodes on a monthly basis, it will invite 2 interviewees and 1 musical guest per episode.

Episode 1:
The Berlin After Dark talk show features Conversations With Creators in Berlin.
Interview Guests: James Hudson (@disconnectionist), Anne Bengard (@anne_bengard_art)
Musical Guest: Catnapp (@ccatnapp)

 Preview. Anne, Paula and Fabifa

Preview. Anne, Paula and Fabifa

Link to video:
KinkyWork tip: from min 16:27 - they talk about the big mural on our Wall!


And he is the veryvery active guy:
Stephan van Kuyk - Art Consultant & Dealer

About: “Combining his true love for art with vast experience as a curator and art dealer, Stephan decided to start his own art consulting agency.”

His personal service for you, push your business as an artist:
Need help on your art career? Let's have a talk and we surely can sort something out.


One more project is the group “Artists stop being poor”

And get values here:

Join them and get the support of the crowd!


Be productive!

Have fun!

Be creative!

Be kinky!

Be Berlin!