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Enjoy working in a sunny loft.

Rent a desk in KinkyWork's stunning brick factory building. Collaborate with interesting, ambitious, sometimes kinky people. We provide professional office infrastructure, sunlight from three sides, meeting rooms, a photo studio, a dedicated workshop space and a lively schedule of events for freelancers and teams. Go for a run with your coworkers, participate in an aerial yoga class, stay healthy while being super productive.

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Be successful, not boring.

Choose a workspace that fits your style! Some coworking spaces are corporate, some offer child care, this one is kinky. Get stuff done as a software developer, marketing consultant, designer, translator or photographer and take a workshop about rope bondage afterwards. Relax in a comfortable cage instead of a nap-pod. If your work involves pictures, with or without clothing, you can shoot them in our studio.

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After creating her stunning mural, Anne posted a walkthrough of the space. Here are some excerpts from that video - thanks Anne!

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Experience kinkywork!

How about skyrocketing productivity, putting a huge smile on your face and seeing one of the truly unique work environments in Berlin? Attend a workshop or see a performance while you are at it. Join us for a free trial day.

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