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Enjoy working in a sunny loft.

Get stuff done in a stunning brick factory building with lots of natural sunlight! We offer desks and office space, meeting rooms and a photo studio. Enjoy the professional infrastructure, focus when you need it and interact with an environment full of art and interesting coworkers when you want it.

Why KinkyWork?

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Thanks for comparing!

Berlin has nice coworking spaces and photo studios to choose from. Find a space to enjoy your work and to be successful. Here are some ideas what to look for:

Coworking spaces for freelancers
Team offices in Berlin
Photo studio comparison

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Be successful, not boring.

Some coworking spaces are corporate, some offer child care, this one is kinky. Meet people who are doing something special – in bed, in business or in their artistic endeavours. Work hard, be successful, do not try to fit in. This is what Berlin is about!

What does it mean to be kinky at work?

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After creating her stunning mural, Anne posted a walkthrough of the space. Here are some excerpts from that video - thanks Anne!